The Ultimate List of 100+ Silent Auction Item Ideas

Don’t miss our favorite community service ideas for kids, teens, and adults. Encourage students to form teams and compete in singing/lip-syncing. You can also encourage students to raise money for your school by creating fundraising campaigns for them. They can invite their friends and family and ask them to donate an amount to the school to show their support. One of the best elementary school fundraising ideas is an event-a-thon.
Charge people a small fee to send out customized notes that acknowledge someone else’s strengths or successes. A virtual talent show is a great place for your supporters to share their talents from the comfort of their own homes. Be sure to promote your event on social media and sell virtual tickets to your audience.
Popular types of subscription boxes include weekly meal kits, monthly pamper baskets, and entertainment packages. For your 21+ attendees, bar crawls are a great way for your organization to partner with local establishments to provide an exciting experience. Consider contacting local bars and pubs in a concentrated area for a gift card to each place, letting your winners hop from one location to the next.
This pledge fundraising guide can help your team get started easily. With T-shirt fundraising providers like Bonfire, you can customize your T-shirt design and either sell it from your website or buy it in bulk to sell at your event. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas crowdfunding campaign is typically tied to a specific project or an event. Let’s say Nonprofit XYZ wants to help build a new water purification system in one of the communities they’re serving. Additionally, for-profit organizations also use equity crowdfunding.
The king of simple and effective fundraising methods, this modern campaign can both spread awareness of your cause and unite communities in their fundraising efforts. You can source a crowdfunding platform through which to operate, then all you need is a compelling story, engaging photos, and a goal. With these three things ready to go, your online donation page could garner a lot of attention and reach far corners of the internet.
“My hat’s off to those that come up with the novel and new ideas to fundraise,” he said. For fire departments, fundraising took many different forms in 2020 as they adapted to a changing environment in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s very easy to understand that the purpose of this event is to get people to switch out their non-reusable items for reusable ones. Jump for joy is great for any event that’s all about having fun, like a carnival or a game night. It’s also great for an event that will be really exciting for your school, like a field trip or a special guest speaker.
What businessperson worth their salt doesn’t love to play golf?! Golf tournaments are perfect for workplaces, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity on the Mightycause platform. Choose your cause, set a date and location for your tournament, and get your workplace fundraising by starting a team on Mightycause! You can stoke the flames of competition by offering incentives like a hole-in-one prize, or perks for the top golfer. Donuts for Dads is a great name for a fundraising event that will benefit your school’s athletics department.
A “Give-It-Up” fundraiser is a free fundraiser that can be between you and a close friend or expanded to include your family members and other acquaintances. Participants agree to give up an indulgence for a certain amount of time and put the money toward your cause or project. However, you can have a general donation fund that people can make contributions to during the ceremony. A lantern or balloon release can also be held in conjunction with another fundraising event, like a dinner or a walkathon. You can either sell cookie dough to your community or have your supporters sell to their friends, coworkers, and family. You can also sell treats on your website to reach even more people.
Make sure you have a solid plan in place for delivering the wine to your guests’ homes. Auction off different bottles of wine or have your attendees pay to have a bottle of wine selected for them at random. Have supporters send in pictures of their pets and post them on your website.